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Glenn M. Taylor, guitar, keyboards, vocals *
Bob Cianci, drums, vocals
Chris Roselle, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Russ Crapella, guitar, vocals
Gary Evans, keyboards, harmonica, bass, vocals
Jeff Guenther, guitar, bass, vocals
Mike Guaragna, bass, guitar, vocals
Rhonda Grindell, drums, vocals
Pepe Hernandez, bass, vocals
Sean Jenness, guitar, vocals
Christopher Bolger, guitar, bass, vocals *
Joe Alexander, guitar, vocals
Al Egizi, guitar, vocals
Keith Theall, bass, vocals
Dave Hirschberg, drums, vocals
Jerry DeLisio, saxophone(s), flute, vocals
Ron Weinstein, guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals
Brian Wiley, bass, vocals
Lenny Kirk, drums, vocals
Don Guinta, drums, vocals
Joe Coghlan, drums, guitar, vocals
Scott Calvert, saxophone(s), woodwinds, vocals
Andrei Koribanics, drums, vocals
Tom DePalma, saxophone(s), woodwinds, vocals
John Frondelli, drums, guitar, vocals
Ethan Maayan, drums, vocals
Kevin Ellman, drums, vocals
Bill Winters, guitar, bass, harmonica, trumpet, vocals
Matteo Varano, saxophone(s), woodwinds, vocals, percussion

* Indicates original Kootz / OMJ band-member;
(see history)

Bill Winters - Guitar, bass, harmonica, trumpet, vocals

'Wild Bill Winters' comes to 'The Kootz', not only as a veteran singer & guitar-slinger... but as a fantastic 'entertaining'-presence on-stage...
Let's take a look at Mr. Bill's 'roots'... He was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey in 1967 and has been an 'East Brunswick-Lifer'-since...

A self-proclaimed 'hyper-active, awkward & wayward youth' (and terrible student), young-William never really expressed an interest in scholastic-sports or studies... but he DID find 'stability' in the guitar, which he first-gravitated-to in the fifth-grade... Finally! An outlet where Bill could really 'express himself'!

By eighth-grade, he formed his first band, called "Fire" and cemented lifetime musical-friendships with some neighborhood-musicians that he still performs with to this day!

As the 1970s began, Bill started honing his songwriting-skills, as well as his vocals, bass & guitar-chops... and even the trumpet! As he began his years at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Edison, he founded and fronted the first-incarnation of 'The Wild Bill Band'. This rockin'-group quickly graduated from school dances, backyard gatherings and basement parties, to playing biker-bars and college fraternity parties.

Bill went on to attend and graduate from Rutgers University in 1990 and afterwards, completed his studies at the St. John's School of Law. He continued his 'musical-education', as well... as his career found him intersecting with such music industry-notables as Rick Derringer and 'Little' Steven Van Zandt.
In addition to fronting the latest-version of 'The Wild Bill Mojo Band', he has played for years as a solo acoustic-act and in the lead-guitar 'chair' for such notable Jersey-acts as 'Rachel Wise & The Guys', 'The Eddie Testa Band', 'Crazy Mama', 'Bystander', Turnstyles' and 'Joe Bonanno & The Godsons of Soul'.

To quote Bill... he isn't coming to 'The Kootz' for "the money, the chicks or the fame". Besides the fact that he 'knows better', he plays... out-of 'love for the music... and performing'!

When he’s not on the road, rocking-out, Wild Bill continues to write and record in his home-studio... and has self-released several CDs... An avid-sportsman, William also enjoys natural 'wild'-life. He is often found 'amid field and stream', hunting and fishing!

He and his wife and children happily-reside in suburban Middlesex County, New Jersey...

Make it a point to catch Bill at a 'Kootz'-show, soon...
He ROCKS... and ROLLS... But he's always... 'WILD'!