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Glenn M. Taylor, guitar, keyboards, vocals *
Bob Cianci, drums, vocals
Ray Longchamp, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Peter Scance, bass, guitar, vocals
Chris Roselle, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Russ Crapella, guitar, vocals
Dave Hirschberg, drums, vocals
Joe Coghlan, drums, guitar, vocals
Michael Muro, guitars, vocals
Jeff Guenther, guitar, bass, vocals
Cliff Doenges, guitar, mandolin, percussion
Mike Garner, bass, vocals
Rhonda Grindell, drums, vocals
John Frondelli, drums, vocals
Pepe Hernandez, bass, vocals

Christopher Bolger, guitar, bass, vocals *
Tony Dente, drums, percussion, vocals *
Joe Alexander, guitar, vocals
Al Egizi, guitar, vocals
Keith Theall, bass, vocals
Ron Weinstein, guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals
Gary Evans, keyboards, harmonica, guitar, vocals
Jerry DeLisio, saxophone(s), flute, vocals
Brian Wiley, bass, vocals
Lenny Kirk, drums, vocals
Don Guinta, drums, vocals
Paul 'Swami' Simeone, keyboards, accordion, vocals
Scott Calvert, saxophone(s), woodwinds, vocals
Adam Egizi, bass, ukulele, vocals
Andrei Koribanics, drums, vocals
Tom DePalma, saxophone(s), woodwinds, vocals

* Indicates original Kootz / OMJ band-member;
(see history)

Cliff Doenges - Guitar, percussion

And now... In 'his own'-words...

I was born on February 24th,1956 in Paterson, NJ.
However, I was "re-Born" on the evening of February 9th, 1964 when my older brother Dave and I were transfixed in front of a black & white Admiral bedecked with "Rabbit Ears" on top... and four kids from Liverpool on the screen. I was later "Baptized" in the Plaza Theater in Paterson while these same four black and white "Saints"... preached from a four-story movie screen.

Months later, my brother had set-up a white-pearl Ludwig-drumkit in our "cellar" (it didn't even warrant the term "basement") where I was "schooled" in the assorted-arts of: Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Four Seasons, Byrds, and the like. Dave got married... and the drums got sold, but I was already permanently-'infected'.

High School brought the advent of "Garage Bands". My neighbourhood produced a plethora of guitar players and drummers, so I summarily-opted for a Teisco electric bass ("Four strings!... How hard could it BE?"). Utilizing a microphone that I 'permanently-borrowed' from a derelict check-out register at my job in ToysRUs (a vintage-Shure SM57 on a goose-neck with the "call button" taped-down), I became the de facto "Lead Singer". I already KNEW that I had good "singing voice", but I never had the courage to utilize it amongst my peers. Pink Floyd's "Time" was the first song that I ever sang into a mic in front "people" (albeit, 4 of them).

Upon realizing that I couldn't perform "solo" (accompanying myself with only the bass; "Sting" hadn't been invented yet), I decided to pursue another avenue. My then-girlfriend (and first "Love of My Life") played guitar and had an Epiphone dreadnaught 12-string (an absolutely STUNNING guitar!), and that was "It". She loaned me her old 6-string 'student'-guitar, and (with the help of "Learning to Play Folk Guitar" - a $2.99 music-guide, also 'borrowed' from the ToysRUs book dept.) I taught myself how to position the necessary-chords to whatever particular song it was I wanted to play. By then, I was very much into the "acoustic" side of Rock & Roll and the Singer/Songwriter aspect... I played in numerous duo & trio-acts over the years with various friends and acquaintances. Eventually, 'The Job' (I'm a Graphic Designer, by trade), as-well-as marriage & fatherhood became 'my life'... and the guitar was relegated to occasional "appearances", sporadically-emerging from the closet...

In the early 2000s, a divorce made it necessary to augment my income with readily-made ca$h... so... out came the guitar. Through an online musician's classified, I met a group of guys looking for a singer/rhythm guitar player. I auditioned, got the gig, and "KwikPhix" was born. We were a four-piece "Classic Rock" outfit that played for several years throughout the Morris/Sussex area. During my tenure with 'KP', I branched-out into taking-on solo work. As this type of 'show' became more and "in-demand", I tendered my resignation to K.P., after fulfilling any previous-commitments I had with the band and ultimately, teamed-up with Rick Barth who was the lead guitarist with KwikPhix. We formed "TwoMan Group", in which we played classic & contemporary rock-tunes on acoustic guitars. We enjoyed quite a few years of popularity (again, in the Morris/Sussex area), until I re-located to Summit... rendering-it 'logistically-challenging', to make the travel-to-shows, cost-effective. Rick went-on to pursue a solo career, as I continued with mine. We'd occasionally team-up for the odd-gig (along with our good mutual-friend, John Bruggeman). I also did a brief stint with the band "Outerbridge Crossing" while continuing Solo and the odd endeavors with various 'Muso-Friends'.

My "Musical Influences" run a very W-I-D-E gamut: Beatles, Stones, Clapton, Zeppelin, James Taylor, Al Stewart, Yes, Genesis, Harry Chapin, Renaissance, Jackson Browne, Supertramp, CSN(&Y), David Gilmour, Warren Zevon, Dawes, Who, Eagles, Gregg Allman, Camel, Richard Thompson, and oh, yes... Lithuanian Folk Music (joke).

As the relatively "New Guy" with The Kootz... I have to say that it's been HUGE amount of "fun"... I'm looking forward to gettin' "Knee-Deep in th'Hooplah" ('Koot-lah'?)... All of the other band-mates have been incredibly friendly & encouraging, and I'm looking forward to working with them ALL. Glenn has been HUGELY helpful in trying to get me "up to Kootz-Speed".

While ALWAYS considering myself a "singer that plays guitar" as opposed to a "guitarist that sings", I've been an 'exclusively-acoustic'-player, all the way; (even in rock 'n roll-bands!)... Glenn (who refers to me as "The Reluctant Electric Guitarist) has prodded-me into changing all that, and for a goodly amount of my 'Kootz-engagements', I shall be strapping-on an electric guitar & "plugging-in". Proof-positive that you CAN "Teach an "Old-Koot"... 'new tricks'! See you 'at the show'!