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"The Kootz-Band"... A FULLY INSURED LLC.

These days, when you are planning a Private-Party, Music-Festival, Indoor or Outdoor-Concert, 'Big Event', 'Special Occasion'... or even a small backyard-gathering, the question often comes-up: "Do you guys have insurance"?

Now... no-one ever knows what's going to happen when a group (large-or-small), of enthused-fans gets together... Isn't it worth the peace-of-mind to know that 'The Kootz'-Band is a fully-insured 'Limited Liability Company' (LLC) and can provide a 'certificate of coverage' for any show that we perform.

No more guesswork, or asking entertainers to sign an 'iffy' 'hold-harmless'-agreement. 'The Kootz', with 20+-years of performing-experience, have played at a variety of venues and situations... and want YOU to have the confidence that your event will not only sound-great... but will run-smoothly and worry free!

We hope to hear from you. Please feel-free to reach out with any questions!

"The Kootz" band 
Box 309, Caldwell, NJ  07006
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