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Clear Acts For The Haze Of Summer

Posted by JerseyShoreNow.com on 07/13/2007

This past week, southern Ocean County was blanketed with an eerie, foreboding haze that seemed to conceal our serene Island community from the rest of civilization.

While the National Weather Service declined to comment on our provincial phenomenon, my cousin Joey, who is a North Jersey native, said that the smog looked a lot like his local smog.
I'll take his word for it.

Here are a few acts to help you get through those hazy afternoons:

The dictionary says a "coot" is an odd, eccentric, or otherwise stubborn individual. It is only fitting, then, that North Jersey natives THE KOOTZ would turn their name on its haunches, disregarding grammar and good taste in the name of rock and roll subversion.
Originally known as The OMJ Band (aka The Old Man's Jam Band) this collective of Essex, Union and Bergen county residents may very well be the most talented, infamous cover band you've never heard of. Featuring a revolving door cast of characters (including an ex-member of The Characters, not to mention a bassist with serious ties to The Beatles saga), The Kootz play what can only be described as vintage AM radio - complete with B-sides, extended jams and charismatic between-song banter.

Make no mistake, Islanders, The Kootz are the real deal: a band of hardened professionals who have weathered enough record deals, world tours, dead-end trends and bad haircuts to make Madonna look like a virgin. Enough said?

The Kootz will hold court at the Thirsty Mallard on Saturday and at Buckalew's on Sunday. Just a sample: The Miracles, America, Traffic, The Who, Otis Reading, The Beach Boys.