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Not Lame Recordings, May, 2006

Not Lame Recordings
PO Box 2266
Fort Collins, CO 80522

The Kootz - “Tales From The Endless Bus Tour Of NJ”
$8.50 (on sale) at www.notlame.com

Featuring 'Breetle' Chris Breetveld and a host of friends… gathering, it appears loosely, to 'cut loose', have some fun, hit the 'record-button' and see what happens. The results? While stylistically visiting many destinations (not just New Jersey), it's surprisingly cohesive and a lot of fun. The lead-off track, "15 Minutes of Fame" breaks out in strong NJ/Smithereens-'esque' song (you'd swear *is* one), while an excellent selection of cover tunes increases the 'fun quotient' dramatically, including covers of "My Back Pages", "That Thing You Do" and "Laugh, Laugh". They actually make Lenny Kravitz's "Believe" listenable again! Tommy James even makes an appearance as does Smithereen Dennis Diken. The best songs are the ones that stay 'close to home' with the talents gathered here, including Breetveld's "Fisticuffs" and Chris Bolger's "15 Minutes Of Fame" + "Same As You". It seems an 'off-the-cuff' affair we suppose, but the results highlight a bunch of talented friends getting together and coming up with a very strong collection of music they can not only be proud of… but share with the rest of us, happily. Very Highly Recommended. Check It Out!