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NJ.com/The StarLedger 12/21/07 - Also available in (pdf)

The Kootz -- But don't call them "OLD"!
by George!
Friday December 21, 2007

Vintage is more like it. Yes, that is North Jersey's hardest-working cover band posing with Father Christmas himself, at Hennessey's in Morristown on Thursday night.

The Kootz actually are a 'franchise' comprising 14 or so fifty-something rockers who perform in various permutations at more than 200 gigs a year.

"We're all pretty well-oiled," said Kootz co-founder Glenn Taylor of Caldwell. "With different members, different songs come in. It keeps it fresh."

All right, let's cut to the chase. Do '60s cover bands have groupies?
"I don't know if our pacemakers could take it," replied Taylor, shaking his head. "You know Gerry & the Pacemakers? He NEEDS one now!"