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The Leader (South Bergen Cty. NJ area) 7/14/05

Don't miss The Kootz jam at Lincoln Park
By Jeff Fucci
Senior Reporter

RUTHERFORD — For a band that lead vocalist and guitarist Glen Taylor saidwas named after “some old eccentric guy set in his ways,” 17-memberThe Kootz doesn’t stay in one place for very long.
“We’ll go just about anywhere to sample the adventure,” Taylorsaid, describing a week in the life of a Kootz member as playing gigs from Starbucksto the Montclair Fireworks to Jersey Shore bars and back to their regular jobs.
Taylor and bass/vocalist Chris Bolger formed the band in 2001, morphing the OldMan Jam that had played together in the early ‘90s into a “seriousgo.” Since then, The Kootz has played 600 shows in the tri-state area,added 7,000 fans to their mailing list and received 28,000 hits to their Website.
On July 21, their tour will include the Hutzel Memorial Band Shell in LincolnPark, Rutherford, a show that Taylor promises will be a “fastball rightdown the middle of the plate” for its mix of instrumentation and four vocalistsharmonizing.
“You don’t get that in current music, ooohs and aaahs and attentionto detail,” Taylor said.
Because of the band’s size, it spans the genres of classic and modern rock,includes both electric and acoustic sets in its repertoire and provides eachEssex and Bergen county rocker his own chance to jam on a given night.
“It expands our musicality. We can shape the band to the event,” saidTaylor, the “common denominator” of all of the shows. “Everypossible configuration has happened.”
Although the band has grown and members drive their SUVs from all over the areato practice and play, Taylor has adamantly avoided franchising except when metwith overwhelming demands for The Kootz sound, like the past 4th of July.
“We’re almost always one band,” Taylor said, adding that theJuly 21 performance, though streamlined for the time constraints of any townshow, would be “a version that’s going to be one of the sweetestvocal renditions.”
Taylor, who was born in Rutherford, said he was impressed with the recent renovationsto Lincoln Park and looks forward to bringing his band to the hometown of PoliceChief Steven Nienstedt, one of the their biggest fans.
“He’s a great guy, and big supporter,” Taylor said. “Hecomes out to see us at appearances all over North Jersey.”
The show will include a medley from The Who’s “Tommy,” coversof the Beatles and original songs from their little-over-a-month-old album, “Talesfrom an Endless Bus Tour of NJ.”
“It’s a real record, not some crummy demo,” said Taylor, whodirected the recording of the album at his Taylor-Made Productions in Caldwell. “It’sthe ultimate Kootz concert.”
For more information, log onto www.thekootz.com.