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Bremy ('Mr. P-Bremy'!)

”Even in 1967, Pete was ‘marching-to-the-beat’ while at Wayne Hills High School!”   ”Pete’s ‘Eastern-Music-Influence’... evidenced by that Nehru he’s sporting!”

”Heaven’s Sundae rocks St. Michael’s Church in Wayne, sometime in 1969!”

"In 1967, young Pete Bremy was either doin' a
'soulful-wail'... or taking220-volts with a passion!"

”An introspective, budding young ‘rocker’!”
    ”Look, it’s Pete... on a ‘4-string’, mid-90’s, with ‘The Retrofitz’!”

”A ‘Vanilla Fudge-rehearsal’, with Vince Martell, Tim Bogert and Pete Bremy!”
    ”Pete, on-tour in 2004 with singer-songwriter Essra Mohawk!”

”The original Vanilla Fudge gets to ‘hang’ w/ Pete, backstage at a Patchogue, L.I.-show!”
”Dave-K, w/ Pete and Bobby... ‘stepping-up’ the career of ‘Electric Pulse’!”    
”Playin’ w/ Cactus (ouch!)... at B.B. King’s in NYC, 2008!”