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Scance (Petey, de 'Bad-Boy'!)

"It all began in the quiet suburb of Bogota, NJ (um, Pete's on the far right)!"

"Before 'The Scance Brothers Band'... when they were just the Scance brothers! (Pete's 'R' in both!)"

"Peter tries his hand at drums... In 1969!"

"Touring in Japan in 1978 backing "Lahk-Stah" Joe Yamanaka, in the land of the rockin'-rising sun!"   "On-stage performance with Joe Yamanaka"

"Joe Yamanaka promo photo from 1978"

"The hero always gets the girl... and he wears a mullet, too! (1984)"

"Pete finds the 'lost chord'! (early 80's)"
"Hard Core promo (circa 1975)"    
"These guys majored in hair-management!"   "A lean, mean P-Scance (R) tearin' it up w/ his 'bro, David (L) as "The Fabulous Scance Brothers!"

"Pete (L) with 'De Waves', a local rat-pack of Bergen Cty. rockers in 1978"
    "A Hellcats Fan-zine pic! (Peter, bottom-R)"
"Order YOUR Hellcats T-shirt TODAY!"
  "A vintage magazine-promo for The Hellcats"