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Glenn M. Taylor, guitar, keyboards, vocals *
Bob Cianci, drums, vocals
Ray Longchamp, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Peter Scance, bass, guitar, vocals
Chris Roselle, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Russ Crapella, guitar, vocals
Dave Hirschberg, drums, vocals
Joe Coghlan, drums, guitar, vocals
Michael Muro, guitars, vocals
Jeff Guenther, guitar, bass, vocals
Cliff Doenges, guitar, mandolin, percussion
Mike Garner, bass, vocals
Rhonda Grindell, drums, vocals
John Frondelli, drums, vocals
Pepe Hernandez, bass, vocals

Christopher Bolger, guitar, bass, vocals *
Tony Dente, drums, percussion, vocals *
Joe Alexander, guitar, vocals
Al Egizi, guitar, vocals
Keith Theall, bass, vocals
Ron Weinstein, guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals
Gary Evans, keyboards, harmonica, guitar, vocals
Jerry DeLisio, saxophone(s), flute, vocals
Brian Wiley, bass, vocals
Lenny Kirk, drums, vocals
Don Guinta, drums, vocals
Paul 'Swami' Simeone, keyboards, accordion, vocals
Scott Calvert, saxophone(s), woodwinds, vocals
Adam Egizi, bass, ukulele, vocals
Andrei Koribanics, drums, vocals
Tom DePalma, saxophone(s), woodwinds, vocals

* Indicates original Kootz / OMJ band-member;
(see history)

Keith Theall - Bass and vocals

“Keith Groove”, although the youngest 'Koot' to-date, is a quite the veteran of the NJ-Music Scene… A native of Fairfield, NJ… Keith first picked up a bass in 1985 and hasn't put it down since!

He got his first serious band-effort off the ground in 1988 when he and his brother Greg, along with a few of their long-time friends formed "The Milkmen”… a 60`s retro-band covering R.E.M, Dire Straits, and many, many Beatles songs. They perform to this day, although K-Groove needs “Eight Days A Week” to accomodate all of the musical-projects he is happily committed to!

In 1994 came "Rock N A Hard Place”, formed from a combination of Milkmen members and other friends. This band played more of the “modern music of the day" and lasted through '96.

At that point, Keith became the 'bass-backbone' for "No Frills” a classic-rock group, followed by "My Dog Petey", a somewhat more 'contemporary' classic rock outfit; Concurrently, Keith was donning a suit (and sunglasses to protect his identity) while backing-up "Jerry El"… an central-Jersey-based Elvis Impersonator”.

After Keith had 'left the building', he found himself a member of "Trac Down”, a hard-working (and rockin') trio that performed EVERY weekend in 1998. In '99 K-Groove joined "Jukebox Memories”. This band played the best of the "oldies” as well as Keith's first love: Motown! Keith still gigs occasionally with Jukebox… just for 'oldies' times sake!

All of these great bands and friends have led Keith to his current position: Bassist/vocalist… and (fearless) leader of Soul Groove. Formed with pal Mike Muro in 2003, this band performs the 'best of everything'. He also has the sometimes 'tireless' job of organizing and booking the band.

Keith met 'Chief-Koot-and-Bottlewasher', Glenn Taylor when Soul Groove recorded their demo at GT's “Taylor-Made Productions” in the winter of 2005-2006. They became fast friends and soon began stopping by and 'sitting-in' on each others gigs! It was a 'natural' for Keith to start gigging with The Kootz by the summer of '06!

K-Groove is heavily influenced by Motown's house bassist and "Funk Brother” James Jamerson, Paul McCartney, Paul S Denman (Sade), and Flea.

Keith is a resident of Jefferson NJ, is happily-married to Dawn and has two great sons! Come the autumn, his devotion to The N.Y. Giants football team determines his gig-schedule!

Groove on, Keith!!!