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Glenn M. Taylor, guitar, keyboards, vocals *
Bob Cianci, drums, vocals
Ray Longchamp, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Peter Scance, bass, guitar, vocals
Chris Roselle, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Russ Crapella, guitar, vocals
Dave Hirschberg, drums, vocals
Joe Coghlan, drums, guitar, vocals
Michael Muro, guitars, vocals
Jeff Guenther, guitar, bass, vocals
Cliff Doenges, guitar, mandolin, percussion
Mike Garner, bass, vocals
Rhonda Grindell, drums, vocals
John Frondelli, drums, vocals
Pepe Hernandez, bass, vocals

Christopher Bolger, guitar, bass, vocals *
Tony Dente, drums, percussion, vocals *
Joe Alexander, guitar, vocals
Al Egizi, guitar, vocals
Keith Theall, bass, vocals
Ron Weinstein, guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals
Gary Evans, keyboards, harmonica, guitar, vocals
Jerry DeLisio, saxophone(s), flute, vocals
Brian Wiley, bass, vocals
Lenny Kirk, drums, vocals
Don Guinta, drums, vocals
Paul 'Swami' Simeone, keyboards, accordion, vocals
Scott Calvert, saxophone(s), woodwinds, vocals
Adam Egizi, bass, ukulele, vocals
Andrei Koribanics, drums, vocals
Tom DePalma, saxophone(s), woodwinds, vocals

* Indicates original Kootz / OMJ band-member;
(see history)

Michael Muro - Guitars, vocals

Mike Muro, affectionately-referred-to as "The Don" (sorry, Marlon-B), by his fellow Kootz, started commanding 'fan-respect' by performing in front of audiences at the tender age 10, as a drummer… He's never looked back!

Spending his early years growing up as a true 'Jersey-Boy' in the city of Newark, Michael was completely influenced & inspired by the British Invasion of the early-1960's. MM relied on 'his drive & desire' to propel him through the usual 'slew' of grammar school-through-high school 'do-it-yourself' bands, in an effort to 'find his groove'.

By the time he was age 16 (and still drumming), Mike was playing-out and being simultaneously-mentored by the band “Walden Pond”, a group of 'mature', (at that time 25 WAS mature!) and 'seasoned' players. He then got his first 'BIG' break, being 'discovered' by a local 'name' band called, “Sidewalk Symphony”. A year's-worth of touring with the group ensued… but they ultimately disbanded and formed “The Infernos’’ a highly successful New Jersey 'oldies and disco' act, to this day!

As he rolled into the 1980's, his true-desire was to play lead guitar… but practical as he is… and in an effort to 'expand his value' as a 'gigging-musician', Michael stepped-out from behind the drum-kit and got himself a bass-guitar and took private lessons… With the "Guitar-God" plans 'on hold', he ultimately found himself playing the bass in an outfit called "Matrix", through the "big-hair" days of the 80’s (Yes, MM… DID have hair!!!). Eventually, Michael DID find his way over to the six-string guitar… and has never put it down since!

They say that sometimes 'love is better, the second time around'... The Kootz are happy to have 'MM', rocking-the-house... ONCE AGAIN!!!

A resident of Bloomfield, happily married to Deb and a 'Dad' to Lisa, Mike has been a 'NJ-fixture' in bands and in venues all-around the tri-state area for nearly 30 years.

The Kootz are happy to now "kiss the ring"!!!