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The Kootz News 3/25/20: "HOME... Is Where 'The Kootz'-Is!"

The Kootz News 3/25/20:
"HOME... Is Where 'The Kootz'-Is!"

Greetings, '(at)-Homies'...

We reach-out to you today from the inner-sanctum of 'The Kootz'-Offices...
Located err...'right-here'; umm, 'on the corporate-couch'! Yeah, that's it!

Like everyone-else, we're 'stuck'...
And unfortunately > NOT... 'In The Middle With You'!

We know that everyone's 'mucking-through' these unprecedented-home-bound-times; hopefully without 'health or well-being'-issues! Now, in a landscape that-is (for the time being) 'gig-barren' for all 'creative-folks'... and 'entertainment-empty' for fans... we thought-that perhaps you might be able to use a li'l-bit of 'optimistic-news' >

As you likely know... may-have guessed or ultimately surmised (at least we didn't say 'ass'-sumed!); our April 4th, 2020 extravaganza, "KOOTLEG-II – The Concert" has been held-back (for a soon-to-be-announced future-reschedule-date). There was SO much 'electricity & anticipation' surrounding this ultra-rare-event: It was to-be; "ALL KOOTZ-members in ONE NIGHT on ONE STAGE" (not to mention a sell-out crowd); We are now planning a 'Virtual-KOOTLEG'!

Yep... It's "KOMPUTE-LEG"... Join host 'Glenny-T', in a Facebook-Broadcast celebrating 20-years of "KOOTZ"! We'll discuss... The band's roots, our super-talented family of members, past & present, memorable-moments... PLUS > the wonderful-friendships we've made over the decades with our 'loyal-legion' > 'YOU', our super-fans! The program is slated to 'air' in the same time-slot of the original concert. Feel free to reach out to us via email, or on FB (info below)!
MORE Details to follow!

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And then there's...
The world of sports @ a 'standstill' >
And STILL...
The Mets found a NEW-way to-say:
"NOAH-Way, in 2020"!
We miss ALL of you!
Wash Your Hands > and...
PLEASE: "S T A Y – S A F E !"