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The Kootz News 1/6/21; "Happy... 'KOOT'-Year!"

The Kootz News 1/6/21;
"Happy... 'KOOT'-Year!"

You Don't Call... You Don't Write... You Forgot About Me...

OK, OK.... Sounds like someone's 'naggy'-mother-in-law... But we know; The Kootz have been sorta 'M.I.A.'... YES, we've been a bit 'hidden from view'... Heck, we're still recovering from... 'The Holiday Season That Wasn't'... and now, as we open 2021's-first-chapter (um, yeah, the year with added-ingredient > OPTIMISM!)... we DID feel it was-now 'time to surface'...

In an effort to 'err on the side-of-safety', our Kootz-shows have been 'mightily-more spare'... y'know, the performance-frequency > 'paltry'... and the gigs > all-but gone; Even the show-count > 'tis-shallow' To quote veteran song-smith, Sir Elton John... "It's not much, but it's the best we can do"... For now, anyway!

In January, there IS a little-bit of a 'ripple,' as our good-friends at Cucina Calandra in Fairfield, NJ have booked-us for a pair of dates (including THIS-Saturday), to launch the '21 "Kootz-Kampaign"... Along with a few other limited-activities dotting the 'band-scape'... some private-events, virtual concert-broadcasts and the like, we're not-exactly 'idle'... but honestly, what we really are concentrating-on... is starting to craft our 'warm-weather-schedule', in the hopes that 'normalcy' (or some rendition of-it) will blanket-the-land, by Spring, '21!

In the meantime, keep-tuned to-us here and on the website: www.thekootz.com for all pertinent-info & updates... and be sure-to check out our new 'merch-offerings', at the bottom of this-week's newsletter, to keep us-KOOTZ... in YOUR sights! God Bless you ALL!

OK... here's what's comin'-up! >>>
Sat. Jan. 9th, 6:00 PM (acoustic)
Katch some Kootz...
@ ‘Cucina-Calandra'!
216-234 Rt. 46 E., Fairfield, NJ
'Mikey-G' and 'Russ-Plus'!
Sun. 10th Early... til LATE!
Celebratin' a BIG-'DAY'?
Well, why not have-us;
(We Can Do Yours Too!)
973-650-2311 > CALL US
Mikey-G, Russ+ & Sir-Andrei!
A sneak-peek: 'into the future' >
*Sat. 1/23; Cucina-Calanda, Fairfield, NJ
*Wed. 2/10; Wayne (NJ) Library
A 'Virtual Concert'! (details coming).
Don't forget, kids... Since it's a new year...
Why-not... 'Treat'-Yourself...
To some NEW 'Kootz-Merch', that is!

We have just received a 'truckload' of NEW KOOTZ-BLING (is that what they call it?)... So take a 'look-see' at the accompanying photo, below! Yep. Along with the shirts, hats, bumperstickers, gum and CDs we've always-offered... We NOW also-have re-usable canvas tote-bags, eco-wallets (for credit cards) that go right on the back of your mobile-phone, as well-as Kootz 'Lip Balm' and > (Wait for it)... 'Kootz Hand Sanitizer'! Really!

That-said, we want YOU to 'wear' your KOOTZ-Pride... So here's a 'new-Kootz- merch'-promotion; Check it out... If you buy BOTH of our CDs, 'Tales From The Endless Bus Tour of New Jersey' along-with with 'Kootleg-LIVE' (Just $15 for BOTH, with free-shipping)... We'll throw-in your choice of either an official 'Kootz' lip-balm or hand-sanitizer, plus some other 'goodies'! Really! All-ya need to-do is make a check-out to 'The Kootz Band LLC' and send it to-us at: The Kootz-band, Box 3030, West Caldwell, NJ 07006... You will have 'the coolest sounds', most 'kiss-able-lips' and 'the cleanest-hands' around!... And you can melt someone's heart, well-in-time for Valentine's Day, if you act FAST! Go-ahead... You KNOW you want it!
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Right-into... 2021!!!
We gotta-get to the GIIIGGGG!
NY-Football is mercifully-'OVER'!
Umm, now we DO-have those...
Brooklyn Nets, tearin' it up!
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