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The Kootz News 5/15/20: "The 'KOOTZ-KUARANTINE'-Issue!"

The Kootz News 5/15/20:

Well... A fine 'How-do-you-do' to ALL!

What? You thought that 'The Kootz' went-away? Not-a-chance! We've been quite-busy, 'plotting and scheming' our next-move. Although... 'immediate show-dates' are not-yet part of those 'plotted and schemed'-plans... There ARE some cool-things to talk about, though!... Several, in-fact!

First, we trust that everyone is (yes, we're so tired of the cliche') > 'staying-safe'... But truly... we DO hope that you-are... There's really no other way to put-it across... We miss everyone SO-much and are hoping that there will be some 'light' at the end of the tunnel, sooner than later! Of course, we'll let everyone know, as we morph-back into some-semblance of (whatever the new)-normal-is... whatever the-heck THAT will-be!

When we last-spoke (via this-here 'Kootz News') it was mid-April... We'd just completed our Facebook-'LIVE'-cast of 'Kompute-Leg', The 'Virtual-Concert'... This was the 'placebo' for the originally-scheduled extravaganza, 'Kootleg II, the Koncert' which had-been slated for Saturday, April 4th at The Barnyard in Totowa, NJ. It was a complete-sellout and we're SO grateful to all the fans that 'showed-us-the-love' and bought tickets... Furthermore > we REALLY appreciate that 95% of you asked us to 'hold' your reservations/tickets for the re-scheduled show, which now-looks like it'll be in early 2021... It WILL happen; ALL-29 Kootz (and 1 'Koot-ette') on one-stage in one super-musical-evening! Any questions, please feel free to email us at TheKootz@aol.com!

In the meantime, if you'd like to view... or even 're-watch' 'Kompute-Leg', the 'virtual'-Kootz-Concert, or it's preview-cast... or even some-of the 'original' 'Kootleg-Koncert' from 2009... They can ALL be-found here.
Just click THIS LINK! >>>

OK > Some other 'good-news! Ever-since we've all been 'hunkering-down', our good-friends... and VERY talented musical duo/band 'Zeke & Maria' of 'The Zeke Carey Band' have been hosting a weekly Facebook-show on Saturday-evenings at 8:00 pm... How nice of them to ask Glenny-T to make an appearance for THIS-Saturday-evening's show (May 16th)... Just log-into Facebook at 8:00 pm on Saturday and go to Zeke's-page: https://www.facebook.com/zeke.carey

You'll enjoy music from 'Z & M'... as well-as other diverse-musical 'north-NJ-artists'... including the 'alleged'-talents of 'Glenny-T', going-on around 8:15-8:20 pm! BIG thanks in-advance to them! See-ya on Facebook!

One-more tidbit of 'positivity'; Now, we KNOW just how-much you miss 'The Kootz'-shows! That was evidenced by about 2,200+ views for the 'Kompute-Leg'-webcast!... Well, we miss all of YOU as well... So we've found a way to bring the band... to YOU > while being 'socially and healthfully' 'conscious' in these (as they say) > 'uncertain times'. We have just received a 'truckload' (literally) of NEW KOOTZ-MERCHANDISE!

Take a 'look-see' at the accompanying photo! Yep. Along with the shirts, hats, gum and CDs we've always-offered... We NOW also have re-usable canvas tote-bags, eco-wallets (for credit cards) that go right on the back of your mobile-phone, new bumper-stickers: (for when we drive again); AND... Kootz 'Lip Balm' and > (Wait for it)...
Kootz Hand Sanitizer!

At the risk of sounding like a late-night TV-ad... we are running a limited-time offer; If you buy both of our CDs, 'Tales From The Endless Bus Tour of New Jersey' with 'Kootleg-LIVE' (Just $15 for BOTH, with free-shipping... We'll throw-in your choice of either an official 'Kootz' lip-balm or hand-sanitizer! Really!

Just make a check-out to 'The Kootz Band LLC' and send it to-us at Box 3030, West Caldwell, NJ 07006... You will have 'the coolest sounds', most 'kiss-able-lips' and 'the cleanest-hands' around!

OK, kids... As radio-host Bob Grant used-to-say, "That kicks-it in the head for another-edition"... (In this case) of 'The Kootz News'! We do-hope that we'll have some show-announcements for you-all REAL-soon!
Please take care!

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