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The Kootz News 2/24/21; "We'll see YOU... In 'KOOT'!"

The Kootz News 2/24/21;
"We'll see YOU... In 'KOOT'!"

Needless to say...

While we're waitin'.... (like, for almost a year now); It's likely that you're are watching a 'bit'-more 'boob-tube', 'idiot-box', 'telly', 'small-screen'... y'know, that 'thing' in your living-room, opposite the sofa... and with good (and 'explainable')-reason... Everyone is 'starved' for entertainment!

Now, we've taken this time to 'convene-on-the-couch' to explore several current and 'old-skool'-network-icons... particularly ones dealing-with court-room and legal-storylines, ranging from the 'dramatic'... to side-splitting 'LOL-Humor'! Heck, what would a night of 'La-Z-Boy-Leisure' be without vintage-shows like Matlock, Cannon, Barnaby Jones, or Mannix... or shows that followed... such as L.A. Law, Boston Legal... and even Night Court; Other good-choices include more recent-'legally-themed'-features, like Law and Order-SVU, Better Call Saul and The Good Wife... Yep. They all make-for great TV... as well-as a way to pass the time, when us-Kootz aren't making that many live-appearances...

Now, we DID neglect to mention one TV-program in particular... In fact, it had a 're-boot' in 2020. Although WE-prefer the... 'original', aired-on-CBS and mostly-shot in black & white courtroom-drama, starring Raymond Burr. It ran for 9 seasons! Yep, the 'verdict' is 'in'... and we give 'FAVE'-status to: Perry Mason! Truly an engaging, thought-provoking courtroom-based-drama, that ran from 1957 to 1966... and can still be seen nightly on the Me-TV network!

Now... Where are we goin' with this? (Glad you asked!)... In honor of Mr. Burr and the wonderful and entertaining role he provided as attorney Perry Mason in the show that-was his stage-namesake, "The Kootz" will be performing at (where-else?) > 'The "MASON"-Jar' in Mahwah, NJ THIS Saturday-evening in a special, 'just-booked' pop-up appearance! 'Court' is in-session at 9:00 pm; And although this terrific eatery was not-likely named for the famous TV-Lawyer, or his show... we WILL be 'holding-court', playing ALL of your faves! The 'Mason' Jar also serves fantastic (and legal) baby-back ribs and brick-oven pizza! All health and distancing-guidelines are observed.... So, c'mon & 'recess' to The Mason Jar... PS > It's the only night of the week that the 'real' Perry Mason isn't on Me-TV... Maybe he'll show up and 'jam' with us, until 'Koot' is adjourned!

You can check-out ALL future-Kootz-dates here:
OK... here-are are the fine-details! >>>
Sat. Feb. 27th 9:00 pm (acoustic)
Perry 'Mason' might not attend;
But YOU should!
Rockin'-Court is IN-session!
219 Ramapo Valley Road,
Mahwah, NJ
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*Sat. 3/13 Cucina Calandra
*Sun. 3/28 Torne Valley Vineyards
*Sun. 4/11 Torne Valley Vineyards
*Thu. 4/15 The Vreeland Store
*Sat. 5/1 The Sandbox (Opening Nite!)
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