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A Collection of 'Vintage', "Past-Kootz"...

Ed Alstrom, keyboards, guitars, bass, vocals

Ray Barrueco, guitar, vocals

Shawn Bartels, guitar, keyboards, vocals

Chris Breetveld, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals

Pete Bremy, bass, vocals

Mike Coffey, guitar, vocals

Tony Dente, drums, vocals (original-member)

Dennis Diken, drums, vocals

Bill DiMartino drums, percussion, vocals

David Frisch, guitar, harmonica, vocals

Jeff Ganz, bass, drums, vocals

Greg Hollenbeck, drums

Gregg Hollister, bass, harmonica, vocals

Lenny Kirk, drums, vocals

Phil Long, drums

Jerry Monnecka, guitar, vocals

Rick Oberson, guitar, keyboards, vocals

Rob Pollack, keyboards, vocals

John Salamone, guitar, vocals

Neal Schwartz, bass, vocals

Spencer Strand, drums

Terry Wetmore, drums, vocals

Ron Weinstein, guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals

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