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Remembering Dr. Dave --- Dr. Dave Eulogy --- Dr. Dave Pics

Summer, 1996; in Dr. Dave's back yard; OMJ (Old Man Jam) rehearsal; An early 'incarnation' of The Kootz.   Taking a break during an OMJ demo-recording session at Taylor-Made Productions; January, 1997.
Posing in the 'live' room at the same recording session; January, 1997.   Glenn and Dave, fronting the OMJ-Band at The Caldwell Street Fair; September, 2000.
The 'first-ever' Kootz-gig; At The County Line Pub, February, 2001.   Two 'Rockin' Kootz; Dr. Dave and Chris Bolger, 'raving it up' at The Montville Inn, March, 2001.
With an "All-Star-Cast-O'-Kootz" at Bacchus Restaurant; September, 2001.   Havin' a 'grand old time' with The Kootz at Mahoney's Pub; August, 2001.
Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon... Dr. Dave, with the boys at The Mountain Rest Inn, August, 2002.  

The 'man' with his 'axe'; Dave, "screamin' the blues" on his
'Res-O-Lectric' at The Liberty Tavern; March, 2002.

Moments after a successful OMJ-performance at The Caldwell Street Fair; September, 2000.   Dr. Dave with his beloved National 'Res-O-Lectric' guitar at The Mountain Rest; August, 2002.

Dr. Dave delivers and electrifying performance with The Kootz at The Roseland Country Fair, June 1st, 2002.

"David's original bluegrass band, 'Urban Swampgrass' in a commemorative performance at The Caldwell Street Fair, October, 2003"