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This is the Kootz as Kids Index page. Follow the links to see the Kootz as Kids!

Alexander (Jumpin' Joey-A!)
Bolger (Christopher-Martin...)
Calvert ('Scotty Sax-Man'!)
Cianci (Bobby 'DW')
Coghlan (Joe, 'The Body-Shop'-Man!)
Crapella (Russ-'Plus'!!!)
DeLisio (Jerry-D, The 'Sax-Man!)
Egizi ('BIG AL'-E!)
Evans (Gary,'The Gig-Man'!)
Frondelli ('Johnny-Long-Island'!)
Garner ('Mike-G')
Grindell ('Rhonda-la'!)
Guenther ('Jefferson'!)
Guinta (The 'fan-tabulous' "Donnie-G"!!!)
Hernandez ('Senor-Pepe'!)
Hirschberg (Davey, "The Boi'g"!)
Jenness ('The Seanster'!)
Kirk ('Captain-Lenny'!)
Maayan (Ethan, The BIG-'E'!)
Roselle (Chris... Koot-Prince-'O-Pop!)
Taylor (The ever-present Glenny-T!)
Theall (Keith 'Groove')
Weinstein (Ron; Oy!... The-Rockin'-Boychick!)
Winters ('Wild Bill')