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Bolger (Christopher-Martin...)

"One of Chris's early bands, 'Olde Friends', at their '1st-gig', Maplewood Library in 1973; 'Bolge' is center, 'looking-away'!"

"An 8-year-old 'Christopher-B'... already 'artistically-inclined' in 1965, when he wasn't 'raiding the ice-box'!"    
“As a 'young-teen', hangin' at WFMU-radio in the 70's!”   “The 'Bolge-Lad' is definitely… 'too close' to the lens!”



"Bolge got and 'early start' as a sensitive singer-songwriter, recording his own tunes in the folks' living room!"

"An 18-year old Chris, contemplatively-strumming...
at South Mountain Reservation in 1975!"

“Chris, performing with R. Stevie Moore & 'BSNB', on the 'Scott and Gary' cable-TV show, 1984!”

“Chris-B, w/ Joe Alexander, together, waaay before their days as Kootz!... in 'The Zoo Crew', 1986 (CB and JA are on the right)!”   "Joey-A & 'Bolge'… 'serenade the offspring' + 'Mrs.-A', around 1992!”

“A promo-collage for Bolger's late-80's 'horn-band', 'Brass Tacks'!”

“Sir Paul & Linda?... Nope…
Chris and his wife, Ruth (on keys)…
playing the last 'Brass Tacks'-gig, 1990!”

“Bolge as 'Roadside-Elvis'… The 1990 'Weird-NJ' Halloween party at the Old Canal Inn, Bloomfield. Hey, it's 'Breet' on the right!”   “Hey, some of us have day-gigs, too!... CB, 'wired' around 1995!”