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Crapella (Russ-'Plus'!!!)

”Even in his earliest-days, 'Baby'-Russell's mom got him off to a 'good-start'... feeding him a new (at the time) baby-food, called 'Gerber Sugar-Coated Decibels'!!!”

”Lil-Russ... jammin' as a 'young-un' in the suburbs of
Totowa... LONG-before there was a 'PLUS'!!!”

”A young 'Russ-Plus' (and his hair... that 'turned-up to eleven'), circa 1987!”

”The '80s brought many 'costume changes'... Freddie Mercury had nothin' on this young-rocker!”

”More 'Vintage-Young-Russ', a.k.a. "Bonzo", with his (then)-new; Gibson Les Paul 'Gold-Top'!”