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Egizi ('BIG AL'-E!)

“Yea that's a late '60's (brand-new) Gretsch White Falcon, in ’69!”
“Where it all began; with the ‘Seaside Heights’ guitar (see bio)!”    
“All the World's a Stage, w/ friends at age 16 in Bowen, Illinois!”   “Halloween, '77 at Eddie's Lounge; ‘Jerry-D’ on sax, w/ Thorin Oak!”
“Summertime… hangin' on LBI, ’79!”
“I don't wanna go home (from the) Orangeburg Pub!”    

“At NJ’s legendary “Soap Factory" w/ ‘bro-in-law "Swam" on keys!”
    “Not so close, ‘pal!”
“The first guitar Al built… 1980.”
“At the "Fast Lane" Asbury Park; a ‘335 & a Boogie’… SWEET!”    
“Yea, I play Slide!”   “The one and only "TAXI" album, 1980.”

“Al’s wedding-day, August, ’83; He jams, while his ‘Bride’ gets the gifts!”
“Al-E & fellow Kootzman P-Scance giggin’
"The Circuit" back in the late ‘70’s!”