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Frondelli ('Johnny-Long-Island'!)



"In 1970, a young 'JR' discovered a creative-use for the family living-room, with this sweet Ludwig-kit, given to him by Mom & Dad!"

"It's 'Baby Johnny' at just 6-months, in 1960, with 'Big-Bro' Michael! So Cute!"    

"That same Ludwig-kit... but > 5-years later, as Johnny becomes a 'holy-rock & roller', gigging-with 'Tarkus', at a 1975-church-dance!"   "The year was 1979... as JR, towels-off at Finnegan's Rainbow, in Woodside, NY, with the band 'Cork'!"

"Later, that same-year ('79), 'Big Johnny' goes 'wild & hairy', at a family gathering!"

    "It's 'Headband-Johnny', in 1982 at the legendary 'My Fathers Place', on Long Island, NY, still-drumming for 'Cork'!"
"It was 1992, at the Long Island Drum Center, where John met-up with, and received valuable drum-lessons from the legendary Mr. Hal Blaine!"
"By 1993, 'JR' was rockin' 'incognito', fronting on-guitar, with the L.I.-band, 'Afterglow'!"    
"Hey, is-that Joey Buttafuoco, from 'Lon-G'island'? > Nope, just Johnny Frondelli (also)-from Long Island, visiting Mickey & Minnie, with the family at Epcot Center / Disney, in 1993!"