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Hernandez ('Senor-Pepe'!)

"Senor-Pepe (R) with cousin Jason Alvarez, at his 6th birthday-party... Jason later enjoyed a career with the legendary 'Shirley & Company', releasing several-hits on the Platinum Records-label, before becoming a pastor!"   "Pepe was already-rockin' in1969, in the old Ironbound / Newark-neighborhood, playing 'lead-tambourine' with 'The Orbitz'!"

"In the 1970s, Mr. Hernandez 'stepped out-front, donning-shades', as lead-singer for 'The Kids', performing-here at a school-dance!"   "In the 'Disco-80s' (with an outfit to match!)... Here's Pepe (far-left) with 'The Nite Owls', managed-by DC-Productions!"
"And-yet 'another'-rendition of 'The Nite Owls' featuring a VERY-'Moustachio'd'-Pepe'!"