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Jenness ('The Seanster'!)


"It's 'The Seanster', at 5 months, enjoying his first 'stiff drink' at Grandma's house in Boston, 1969!"

    "Young Scotty helps to 'tend the garden', in 1964 at his grandparents home in Waldwick, NJ!"

  "SJ was 'Jumping-for-Christmas-Joy', at age 6!"
"Well-behaved (at the time) as a Kindergartener in 1973!"    
  "S.J. (white pants) at the Mansfield High School Senior-Prom-'After Party', in 1986!"
"In the summer of 1983, at 14, Sean was 'feelin'-his-oats', pool-side!"    
  "A 'Johnny Groove'-'Apartment Rehearsal', in 1988!"
"The year was 1987, as Mr. J (bottom) poses with his band "Johnny Groove", for a promo-shot, while-gigging in Allston, Massachusetts!"    
"It was a 'colorful 'Basement-J-Groove-Gig', in 1988!"  
    "By 1992, Sean and the 'Groove-sters' held a Monday-night 'residency' at the famed 'Bunratty's' in Boston!"
"One-more 'Johnny-Groove' promo (SJ > dark bandana), that was shot on a rooftop for a local New Hampshire music-paper, in 1992!"  
    "Ummm... 'Excuuuuse me'... err, 'cleaning-up', in 1992!"
"In 1992, it was 'SJ' (left), with 'JG', promoting their new record; 'Shark In The Water'!"   "Sean (right), rockin' at 'Ralph's' in Worcester-Mass, 1992!"
"Wailing at a political victory-gala, with 'The Doug Flutie Band' (yes, 'THAT'-one) in 2010, at The Plaza Hotel, Boston; 2010!"   "More escapades (SJ; white shirt, Doug in red) with the 'Flutie'-band, at the NCAA Finals, in 2011!"


"Hangin' with ESPN's legendary-host, Chris Berman, at a Jim Kelly charity-event, 2014!"

"Down in the tunnel, as 'The Flutie Band' performed a pre-game-show at Super Bowl-XLVI (Giants vs. Patriots); Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, in 2012!"    
  "Sting & SJ, performing 'Money For Nothing' as a duet, at the same show!"
"Wow! > With Sting, performing a benefit-show at '54-Below' in NYC; Sean also worked with him in 'The Last Ship' on Broadway in 2015!"    
"One-more, with the Flutie-band, 'pre-game', at the 2019 Super Bowl (LIII), in Atlanta, GA!"