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Kirk ('Captain-Lenny'!)

"Yep, Lenny made the 'babes'... 'swoon', with those fancy-'Roto-Toms', in 1985, when his band 'Triton' took-the-stage at a young-fan's 'sweet-sixteen'!"
"It's Lenny, as a confident 11-year old, dragging those drums into The Atrium in West Orange back in 1981, at his brother Jason's Bar-Mitzvah! The whole family ("The Ops & Pop"-band), sat-in!"    

"Here's Lenny, entertaining the 'rock 'n roll-crowd' at Montville High School courtyard in 1985, again with 'Triton'!"
    "Always the versatile-musician, Kirk, not only rocked... but also MARCHED with the Montville-'Mustangs'-band as a sophomore, in 1986!"
"And finally, in 1989, under an ample-'mop'-of-hair... Mr. Lenny 'Kirk' Oppenberg celebrated his long-awaited high-school graduation, with his 'oh-so proud'-Mom, Bonnie!"