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Maayan (Ethan, The BIG-'E'!)

"In 1973, a young 13-year-old Ethan Maayan sits behind his new Rogers-kit, from Sam Ash... He STILL has it to this day!"
    "Bangin' the drum 'slowly' (left) with the Jersey City State College Percussion Ensemble in 1979!"

"The 'Big-E' shows his college-buds how-NOT to mess with a Brooklyn-kid, pitchin' quarters, between classes at Jersey City State, in 1981!"
    "Ethan (center) with his same group of pals, hangin' in-front of the Rossi Hall Music Building, at 'JCSC'!"
"Mr. 'M' was the 'featured-timpanist' in this 1982 school-concert at the Margaret Williams Theater!"   "This dapper-young-lad... 'serenades' the newlyweds at a mid-90s wedding!"


"Mr. Maayan, back-stage with good-pal, B-52's drummer, Charlie Drayton, at NJ's 'PNC-Center' in 1988!"

    "Somewhere in the 90s, with band-mate, Artie; from their Beatles-tribute-band, 'The Walrus', at 'Mother McGee's'-bar!"
"Mr. Ethan gets... 'an offer he can't refuse', with a few Sopranos, in the early 2000s!"   "Another back-stage appearance by 'E'; with Ian Paice of Deep Purple, at The Jones Beach Theatre!"


"And-still, another one, with Bernard-'Pretty'-Purdie, at an LBI/Surflight Theater-show in 2010!"

    "In 2012, with the legendary Steve Gadd at New York City's Iridium Jazz Club!"
"Ethan, 'fudging'-it, with Carmine Appice at a 2016-Rascals-show, on Broadway!"   "And...'The Principal' (and 'Duck-master') featured in a Wayne school concert, in 2017!"