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Grindell ('Rhonda-la'!)


A cute-l'il "2-year-old-Rhonda"... then, a 'Future-ROCKER'!

  A "Sweet"-'Sweet-16', for this teen; "Celebratin'-from-behind the drum-kit"!
  Rhonda took everyone, 'higher' at Sheepshead Bay High School, in 1976!
  Touring the USA, in 1981, with the 'all-female' 5-piece band, "Roxanne"!
  Formal-gigs were just a 'formality' in the early-'90s, for this trend-bustin'-songbird, w/ 'Elite Music'!
  'Twas a ROCKIN'-"Match Made In Heaven"; Rhonda 'jams' on her wedding-day!
  "The 'Queen-Bee' ALWAYS looks & sounds; 'In-the-Groove'! (Late '90s, w/ 'City Sounds')"

”It's 'Rhonda-la'... TRULY, "The Queen-Bee"... and; 'All grow'd-up'!”