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Taylor (The ever-present Glenny-T!)

It was November 13, 1966... and young-'Glenny-T' was getting an early-'jump' on the local 'gig-scene' by performing as a 'guest-drummer, at his own Bar-Mitzvah!
    The year is 1970... it's "Glenny-T", wailin' wih 'Resurrection' at a Nutley H.S. dance!
The lamb-chop 'sides'... those 'plushy' Kustom amps... It's gotta be 1971; GT w/ 'Resurrection' at Newark Academy!  

    "Even when Glenny-T wasn't giggin', he was 'kickin-it'... Passaic H.S., '72!"
GT as an 'introspective-collegian'... 'unplugged' in 1975!   GT... Same 'Black-Strat'... and a bit more hair on top (1978)!
In the original "If Walls Could Talk"
, "Summer of '78", where
Glenny-T says, "And... we're

Yow!... Nice glasses! Glenny-T in a
'promo-pic' from a brochure for the old
"If Walls Could Talk" Studios, in 1984...
Waaay before Taylor-Made Productions!

"A caricature of 'Glenny-T' (a.k.a. 'That '70's-Guy') as he
is 'alleged' to have appeared in 1979... Believe it or not?!"

"Young Glenny-T had a much to smile-about in 1964,
debuting as a drummer, for his first-band, 'The Living Legends'!"