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Winters ('Wild Bill')

”Bill (front), performing at a 1984 dance at St. Thomas H.S. in Edison, NJ, with his band, 'Heading For The Top'... Keyboardist (R) Bill Dellicato, still performs with Bill to this day!”

"Nyeah-Nyeah"! Rockin' the night-away with his-own "Wild Bill"-band, in the mid-80s!"

”There was a LOT of hair... and skin... Here's Bill, 'lost' in the music... and in the '80s!”

”'Wild Bill'... 'FLOORED' 'em... No, literally!... Everywhere he played! This one was on the floor of an un-named New Brunswick, NJ pub...”

”William, with his band-buds, (L – R) Phil Anderson and Darren Dougherty, in 1989 with the 'Crazy Mama'-band!”