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The Kootz News 11/29/21:

The Kootz News 11/29/21:

Play-ball kids!

In an effort to look at the more 'meaningless'-side of life, and 'sway' everyone's-attention AWAY from the multitude of contentious-subjects permeating the headlines, these days... let's consider what's going-on in the "slap-happy, swashbuckling, rib-tickling, cut-throat-ing, cash-outpouring, luxury-taxing, self-centering and generally-over-excess-ing"-world-of... Pro-Sports and hearing about them on radio & TV!

Yep, just tune-in to your local sports-talk station... and you'll hear (what the late Don Imus used to call): 'An indecipherable-embarrassment of imbecilic-prattle', indeed. There's more time-spent discussing player-salaries (that we can barely-even comprehend), 'stand-off'-labor negotiations, TV-deal-and endorsement-monies... even the 'criminality' of some of these players, with their traits ranging from spousal-abuse and substance/drug-charges ... to money-laundering schemes 'n scams... You name it... And on top of that... the local teams still-STINK, as well!... Alas, THAT's what 'Sport-Speak' has-become! Everything... but the SPORTS-itself!

OK, then. Looking for something that's marketed... and delivered a little-more along-the-lines of "what's-advertised"? Then you, my friend... have come-to the 'right-newsletter'! "The Kootz-News", where all... 'IS' as it seems > Rock. Roll. Fun. Cool shows. Talented players 'n singers... and ALWAYS a 'great time to be had by all'! That's what WE'RE talkin'-bout!

Sports? Sure, they're OK once the players actually-get out onto the playing-field, court, ice or whatever... They're fun. But ooooh, so unpredictable! On the other hand... Take 'Rock 'n Roll', with 'The Kootz'? You can 'set your watch to it'! See you at the show(s)!!!

And we're 'under-contract',
All band details, please >>>
Wed. 1st 6:30 pm (acoustic)
Start-December, with the >
'Mellow & un-plugged'-
Kootz-Duo, STEELIN'...
@ The WHEEL!
51 N. Broad St., Ridgewood, NJ
Russ-Plus teams w/ Glenny!
Thu. 2nd 7:30 PM (acoustic)
We don’t mean to be ‘STERN’;
But c’mon out!
We’ll take a “BOW”!!
171 Schraalenburgh Rd.,
Closter, NJ
Chris Roselle & Glenny-T!
Fri. 3rd 6:00 PM
"Uncle-Charley" will start-off;
December, w/ 'The Kootz'!
who'll Rock-Your-TREE!
57 Rt. 181 (Woodport Rd.),
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Russ+, GT, Pepe & Bob-C!
Sat. 4th 7:30 PM
If we told-ya once...
We told-ya... "46"-times!
Da-Kootz LOVE-Rockin'-here!
TAP 46:
1530 US Hwy. 46-W
(Kohl's Mall), Wdland. Pk., NJ
Russ, Glenny & 'Skeeter >
Joined-by 'Rhonda-licious'!
Sun. 5th 2:00 PM (acoustic)
Don't be a 'Rat-fink'!
Bring YOUR 'Holiday Spirit';
To FINK'S BBQ & ROCK-Merrily!
32 Orange Av., Suffern, NY
GLenny, Russ & 'Skeeter return!
A sneak-peek...
Into the WAAAY-'busy-future' >
Make your plans, EARLY!
**PLEASE, click >> HERE <<
For all show-info, including:
Venue-Details, Times & Info!
**Shows are all in New Jersey >
Unless otherwise-noted!
*Wed. 12/8 Jimmy's B&G, Kearny
*Thu. 12/9 Vreeland Store, W. Mlfd.
*Fri. 12/10 Private Event
*Sat. 12/11 (DOUBLE-header!):
- River Grille, Chatham
- Cucina Calandra, Fairfield
*Sun. 12/12 Torne Vlly., Hillburn (NY)
*Wed. 12/15 Horseneck, Caldwell
*Thu. 12/16 Ramsey C.C.
*Fri. 12/17 Lakeside, Wayne
*Sat. 12/18 Crab's Claw, Lavallette
*Sun. 12/19 Great Notch, Little Falls
*Wed. 12/22 Steel Wheel, Ridgewood
*Thu. 12/23 Maywood Inn / TDT
*Wed. 12/29 Taphouse, Wayne
*Fri. 12/31 NYE (TBD)
*Sat. 1/1 ('22) Tap 46, Wdlnd. Pk.
*Sun. 1/2 Torne Vlly., Hillburn (NY)
*Wed. 1/5 Jimmy's B&G, Kearny
*Thu. 1/6 Great Notch, Little Falls
*Fri. 1/7 Fusion Cafe, Butler
*Sat. 1/8 Charley's, Lk. Hptcng.
*Sun. 1/9 Private Event
*Wed. 1/12 Steel Wheel, Ridgewood
*Thu. 1/13 Vreeland Store, W. Mlfd.
*Fri. 1/14 In The Drink, Wayne
*Sat. 1/15 Lakeside, Wayne
*Sun. 1/16 Fink's, Suffern (NY)
**Again, for 'times 'n details'...
Click right < HERE >
And for ALL-'Other'-Kootz-info...
Stay-tuned HERE >
Read All About It!

If-ya haven't already heard...
Some HUGE NEWS for all fans & friends...
Since SO-many have-been asking...

We are targeting a "RE-SCHEDULE" of the previously 'Covid-Cancelled' "Kootleg II"-Concert; An evening with ALL-Kootz along-with many band-alumni, together on one-stage for one-night-only!!!

Originally-slated for April of 2020, we are NOW looking-at April 2, 2022, exactly two years to-the-weekend, later! Make a note of it. If you have already purchased tickets for the original, you're all-set, with NO price-increase! More venue and detailed-info will follow, shortly! Stay-tuned!!!


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