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Glenn M. Taylor, guitar, keyboards, vocals *
Bob Cianci, drums, vocals
Peter Scance, bass, guitar, vocals
Chris Roselle, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Russ Crapella, guitar, vocals
Dave Hirschberg, drums, vocals
Gary Evans, keyboards, harmonica, bass, vocals
Jeff Guenther, guitar, bass, vocals
Mike Guaragna, bass, guitar, vocals
Rhonda Grindell, drums, vocals
John Frondelli, drums, guitar, vocals
Pepe Hernandez, bass, vocals
Sean Jenness, guitar, vocals
Bill Winters, guitar, bass, harmonica, trumpet, vocals

Christopher Bolger, guitar, bass, vocals *
Joe Alexander, guitar, vocals
Ray Longchamp, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Al Egizi, guitar, vocals
Keith Theall, bass, vocals
Jerry DeLisio, saxophone(s), flute, vocals
Brian Wiley, bass, vocals
Lenny Kirk, drums, vocals
Don Guinta, drums, vocals
Joe Coghlan, drums, guitar, vocals
Paul 'Swami' Simeone, keyboards, accordion, vocals
Scott Calvert, saxophone(s), woodwinds, vocals
Andrei Koribanics, drums, vocals
Tom DePalma, saxophone(s), woodwinds, vocals
Ethan Maayan, drums, vocals

* Indicates original Kootz / OMJ band-member;
(see history)

Sean Jenness - guitar, vocals

'Kootz' singer-guitar-man Sean Jenness came to the band in late 2019... He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, during the 'turbulent-summer' of 1968. Moving to New York City many years ago, he has only recently has 'set up shop', along with his family in the northern-region of 'The Garden State'!

A UMass/Boston alumni (class of ‘90)-grad, Sean got the 'music-bug', listening to the Beatles at the 'impressionable-young-age' of 11... Shortly-thereafter at age 12, he (strongly)-requested to his mom that she buy him a guitar... By the time this lad reached his teen-years, he was already-rockin', starting his first band (the irrepressible "Tinted Image"), at age-13! This 'boy' hasn’t stopped since... and isn't-likely-to do so anytime soon!

OK, a little 'musical-history'; To his recollection, 'Mr. J' has been involved-with (roughly speaking, in his own words), about one-million bands; Original-groups, tribute-acts, cover-bands & wedding-revues! You name it, he’s been in a band for it! Some of his 'legacy-favorites' include; The 'Big-Apple'-based Bon Scott-era AC/DC tribute; "Done Dirt Cheap"... "Anything For Loaf" (a very popular Meat Loaf tribute), "Macon Georgia Soul" (a Boston based Otis Redding-act) and "The Doug Flutie Band" (Yes, 'THAT' Doug Flutie... The legendary College & NFL quarterback’s-own classic-rock offering).

Sean can be heard on countless radio/TV-jingles & voiceovers for product-brands you've... used in the shower last night, ate for breakfast this morning... or even drank at the bar last-weekend! He is also 'the voice' on the 'ring-entrance'-anthem for WWE-superstar 'Sheamus'; An 'epic', entitled, “Written In My Face”!

As an actor, Sean has toured the theatrical (and literal)-world. Most-notably, he's appeared in many successful Broadway-shows, including 'Rock Of Ages', 'Hair', 'Jekyll & Hyde' and 'The Last Ship' (with Sting).

And now, Sean... (as they say where he’s from) is 'WICKED'-excited to be joining-forces with 'The Kootz'-band! C'mon-out and catch this 'Voice of Voices', LIVE!