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Longchamp (Smokin' Ray!)

"The tranquil, 'Mayberry'-like hamlet of Ramsey NJ, in 1973, when... and where... it was 'all started' for a young Ray Longchamp!"   "A beardless, youthful Ray, entertaining at a family holiday party in the mid-seventies!"
"Trying to figure out which tune to play next... with the northern NJ-based 'Woody Garrett Band', circa 1978!"   "Psychodelia, LOTSA hair... and... is that Ray actually playing a Les Paul?!?!... Seems so!... In 1979, still working with the Woody Garrett Band!"

"Getting his '2-cents' in at yet another Longchamp 'holiday gathering'!"

"All these family get-togethers... and 'no gigs' make Ray a 'dull boy'... Chillin' with the 'famiglia', lost somewhere in the 80's!"   "It was Grandma-Longchamp's 50th wedding anniversary... and Ray was TOTALLY caught-up in the merriment!!!"
"Those 'family-shindigs' finally DO take their toll on Raymond, as he resorts to telling tales of 'catching a fish... THIS BIG', to an obviously-enthused relative!"   "Ray Longchamp; 'Chief'?... or 'Chef'?... Either way, he's the one that ALL those chicks 'dig'!"